Alphabet Field Sobriety Test

While the Alphabet or “ABC” field sobriety test is not a standardized field sobriety test, it is nonetheless administered with regularity by officers in Northern Virginia.  The ABC test is a divided attention test, meaning that it requires the subject to listen to and remember the instructions to the test while performing a task.  The officer will typically ask the suspect to recite the alphabet without singing from one letter to another.  For example, the officer would ask the suspect to recite the alphabet from D to T without singing.  The officer will look for mistakes such as singing the alphabet, starting at the wrong letter, stopping at the wrong letter, repeating a letter, or skipping letters.

There are a number of challenges that can be made to this test.  For instance, if English is not the suspect’s first language, this test can be much more difficult to perform than for a suspect who was born and raised with English as a first language.  This can be a result of missing a portion of the officer’s instructions as to how to perform the test or because the suspects first language has a different alphabet.

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