The process of immigrating to a new country is daunting and complicated. Even in the most straightforward case where relief is clear, the shear bureaucracy and red tape can cause unexpected delays or rejection. In other cases, such as a petition humanitarian relief, success can mean the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, there is often unclear information about immigration law online, and there are many hidden pitfalls in any case. It is therefore vitally important that you seek out and at the very least consult with an experienced attorney to ensure that you are doing everything you can to achieve success.

We hope that the information we provide here will help to you learn more about immigration law and answer some basic questions. It is always important that your first step is to inform yourself about your options and the possible avenues to success in your case. If you would prefer to talk with one of our attorneys, feel free to contact our office to set up a consultation. The immigration attorneys at Henson Pachuta & Kammerman PLLC are focused on representing immigrants throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.



Deportation Defense

Deportation proceedings, also known as removal, can begin in a variety of ways, such as upon arrival to the United States as an asylum seeker or as a permanent resident who comes in violation of the laws of the United States. There are two immigration courts serving the Washington, DC metropolitan region. The immigration court in Arlington serves residents Virginia and Washington, DC, while the court in Baltimore serves residents of Maryland. We represent immigrants in removal proceedings, handling immigration bond motions, asylum applications, special immigrant juvenile status (SIJS) applications, motions to reopen, and many other forms of relief.

Family Immigration Petitions

Family based immigration is one of the most common types of petitions. A family based immigration petition can be initiated either for a relative currently in the United States or for one living abroad. The process and waiting time varies based on the relationship to the sponsored immigrant and their location. Our immigration attorneys regularly help clients petition for spousal adjustment of status, spousal and fiance visas (K-1) through consular processing, and 245(i) adjustment of status petitions.

Humanitarian Immigration Relief

One of the core principles of international humanitarian law and of the immigration laws of the United States is the protection of those who are persecuted or denied their basic human rights. Our immigration attorneys take great pride in representing clients in petitions for asylum, convention against torture, withholding of removal, temporary protected status (TPS), U visas, and other forms of humanitarian based immigration relief.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

While children can face danger in anywhere, those who have fled their home country because they are without a suitable custodian are at particular risk. A special immigrant juvenile status petition, or as it is commonly referred, 'SIJS,' is a type of affirmative petition that grants vulnerable children refuge in the United States. The immigration attorneys at Henson Pachuta & Kammerman, PLLC have extensive experience representing children in special immigrant juvenile status petitions. Our firm handles both the state level custody case as well as the immigration petition that follows.


While citizenship may seem straightforward at first glance, it can be more complicated than it appears. Especially if you have been convicted of a crime or have another reason that immigration may question your moral character, it is important to consult with an attorney before filing for naturalization. We help clients both with the process of gathering the necessary documents and completing a naturalization petition as well as preparing and accompanying them to their naturalization interview.

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