Prince William County Petit Larceny

Prince William County Petit Larceny

Petit larceny in Prince William County, Virginia is a defined as a larceny from the person of another of money or other things of value of less than $5, or a larceny not from the person of another of money or other things of value of less than $200.  Petit larceny encompasses most instances of minor shoplifting.  It is punished as a class 1 misdemeanor.

Punishment of Prince William County Petit Larceny

If a defendant is found guilty of petit larceny, punishment can range from as little as a fine to as much as 12 months in jail.  This wide punishment range is reflective of the diverse sets of circumstances that fall within this charge as well Virginia Petit Larceny Attorneyas the variation in criminal history of defendants.  It is common for a case to result in a day of active jail time, even for a first charge of petit larceny in Prince William County.

Elements of Prince William County Petit Larceny

Larceny is defined as the taking of goods belonging to another without the consent of that person or business with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of possession of those goods.  So, for instance, borrowing a person’s car without their permission, but with the intention of returning the vehicle, would not meet the elements necessary to prove a larceny.

Prince William Loss Prevention Officer (LPO)

The most common form of larceny is shoplifting.  Most department stores and large franchise businesses have a system in place to combat shoplifting and hire at least one employee to patrol the store.  That employee is typically referred to as the loss prevention officer.  The complexity of loss prevention measures varies drastically from store to store.  Some may have surveillance cameras recording at all times with multiples loss prevention officers working to both monitor the surveillance cameras and patrol the store.  Others may have no cameras at all and simply employ an individual to patrol the store.  The loss prevention officer, while not an actual police officer, will often be the primary source of evidence used against a defendant in a larceny case.

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