Many thanks to Brad and his team at Henson Pachuta & Kammerman, who are an exceptional group of attorneys! I consulted with him on an immigration matter after reading stellar reviews on AVVO and consulting with a couple other attorneys in the area. The consultation was free, no-strings attached. He was warm and very reassuring without providing any guarantees. He even offered to write a list of resources and things I would need to do/file if I decided to pursue my case on my own, even before I committed to hiring him. During our consultation, he began to identify possible alternative routes and contingency plans if things didn't go as expected. I was impressed by his knowledge, but more so by his affability, sincerity, level of interest and ability to relate to my situation. I was confident, not that I would be successful in my petition, but that he and his team would do their absolute best representing my case - which they did! Eight months later, my case has been successfully resolved. I was so moved when he and his entire team warmly congratulated me on our success when last I visited their office. Henson Kammerman and Pachuta are also affordable and willing to work with their clients' budgets. Great lawyers with a genuine human touch. I plan to use them if/when I have future legal matters.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Jacquelyn Kammerman. My husband was in deportation and it was the most stressful period of my life. I will never forget how painful it was to live through that. It was a complicated case and it was physically and mentally draining. She was a ray of light and a game changer. What sets her apart is that she's not only extremely knowledgeable in immigration law, but she's also the type of person who pays attention to the details. She doesn't give up and she finds a way even when things seem impossible. She's not the type to sit back and wait. She's energetic and persistent. Although she had many cases on her hands, she made me feel like her only client. My husband received his permanent residence and we are extremely grateful to her. When the case was over, I actually missed talking to her. She is delightful and she is absolutely the best immigration lawyer you'll find. My husband just made an appointment with her to start his citizenship application and we are looking forward to working with her again. If you need an immigration attorney, look no further! She's wonderful.

Attorney Lysandra Pachuta is the best !! She was always professional since the beginning. She was able to explain to me the process of my case, and what were her arguments to fight my case. At the end she was able to get my DUI dropped and i was free to go. I totally recommend her , and I will hired her again !!!

Mr. Henson and his firm has provided me with peace of mind throughout my litigation process. I found him online on AVVO and decided to set up a an initial FREE consultation. My case was very complicated and required an attorney who is not only experienced, but also understood the implication of the verdict of my case. Mr. Henson and his team welcomed me into his office and took the time to understand me as an individual and my overall situation before we discussed the details of the case. He was sincere, patient, and was willing to work with me. I felt very comfortable with his expertise in Virginia criminal law and decided to retain him. His fees are very reasonable for the type of dedication and outcome he has provided me with. He advised me what to do before we went to court and I followed his guidance and completed all the required documents. He stayed in contact during the entire process with follow ups via text, phone, and email which made me feel comfortable leading to the court date. The outcome of the case was in my favor, as he explained and I was very happy and relieved to be able to move forward with my life. I have since retained Mr. Henson and his partner for my pending immigration cases. I know him and his experienced team will work endlessly for me and I hope that this case results as my case in Virginia. I think I have a great chance with Brad and his firm fighting for me. I would recommend Mr. Henson to everyone and plan on retaining him for all my legal needs in Virginia moving forward.

She is a very professional lawyer that explains everything you need to know. From the moment she gave us her consultation we knew she was the best one to represent us.She helped us understand everything and always updating us about our case! Would definitely recommend her!

I contacted Lysandra based on reviews and input for a third party and she did not disappoint. I was charged with a DIP that I beleive was unwarranted so I contacted her office to schedule a consultation. Lysandra listened to my side of the story and was very honest with her feedback and provided me with several options on how to move forward. I immediately hired her for what I thought was a fair fee for her services. I followed her advice on how to fight the charge and she was eventually able to get the prosecutor to recommend a nolle prosequi to the judge which was the best result we could have asked for. Lysandra was quick to follow up on any questions that I had throughout the process and even went to the court a few weeks after my hearing so that she could mail my the original copy of my disposition.

I am very thankful to Mr Bradley for his services in my wife case, which was impossible to go in our favor. He worked very hard on her case to make sure she wont go to jail. I highly recommend Bradley Henson and his team to anyone that needs help with criminal and immigration cases.

My wife and I were a bit skeptical when we decided to hire Jackie for our immigration case considered how little we knew about the case ourseleves. Jackie was phenomenal. She walked us through the ENTIRE process, explained each and every single step entirely and was never hesitant to help and answer our questions. No matter if day or night, she was always there if we needed anything. She was even kind enough to submit our paperwork and documents herself to DHS, so really we had very little to worry about ourselfs. On the date of our final interview Jackie took time from her busy schedule and attended the interview with us ! I don't think my wife and I could've asked for a better person to represent and help us all the way. If you ever need help with any immigration case she is the person you go to!

I had a wonderful experience with Lysandra. She was the only attorney I spoke with out of many who didn't make me feel like my DUI case was a complete loss. She had a great attitude and was such a professional and pleasant person. I couldn't express my gratitude enough!

Brad is an exceptional attorney who consistently exceeded my expectations with his knowledge, negotiation skills, and professionalism. He was also very quick to answer questions and was easy to contact. He was always one-step-ahead. I highly recommend Brad Henson as a defense attorney Due to him, I received the best results possible for my case.

I was extremely concerned about my predicament and did not know how to move forward. Mr. Henson graciously outlined a clear and concise plan that enabled me to get back on track. He treated me with the utmost respect and was extremely generous with his time and expertise. Thank you Mr. Henson for the peace of mind you helped me regain. Your assistance is priceless!


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